Primula elatior
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Etelänkevätesikko (Candelabra hybrids) seos.

Oxlip (Candelabra hybrids) color mix
Care: they do not require much care. The soil should always be moist, loose and free of weeds. In the spring, primroses are very demanding on moisture, but cannot stand stagnant water. After flowering, if possible, they should be well watered with highly diluted slurry or fed with a small dose of complete mineral fertilizer at the rate of 20-30 g / m2.

Pieter Faes, Primula elatior, Kõrge priimula
Pieter Faes.

Eng.: Oxlip. Suom.: Etelänkevätesikko. Sven.: Lundviva, trädgårdsviva.

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