Tagetes tenuifolia
Merkki: Franchi
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Kääpiösamettikukka "Multicolor" (seos) - Tagetes tenuifolia.

Dense and compact bushes absolutely covered with an incredible amount of miniature inflorescences! A magnificent curb plant that blooms continuously throughout the season. A graceful spherical bush, strongly branched, about 30 cm high. Inflorescences are non-double, about 2 cm in diameter, multi-colored, two-colored. Used for framing flower beds, borders, in mixborders and for decorating balconies.

Tagetes tenuifolia Starfire

Eng.: Signet Marigold, slender-leaf marigold, striped Mexican marigold. Suom.: Kääpiösamettikukka. Sven.: Citrontagetes, Doft-tagetes, Kryddtagetes.

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