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Herbicide ''Taifun B'' - it is a universal herbicide of continuous action for the destruction of the full range of monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weeds in fallow fields, as well as a desiccant for cereals, sunflower and fiber flax. Very effective for the destruction of couch grass (Elymus repens).
Active ingredient: glyphosate in the form of isopropylamine salt. Concentration: 360 g/l.
Preparative form: aqueous solution.
Advantages: completely destroys all types of weeds and trees and shrubs. It is devoid of soil activity, so it can be used before sowing any crop, due to systemic action it causes the death of aboveground and underground parts of weeds. One of the safest herbicides, which, when used correctly, does not pose a danger to humans and the environment.
Spheres and objects of application.
In agriculture: fallows (for sowing winter cereals, rapeseed, etc.); fields intended for spring sowing of various crops; crops of cereals, flax, sunflower (desiccation), orchards and vineyards, hayfields and pastures (renovation).
Farms, household and horticultural plots, etc.
Land for non-agricultural use.
Processing times.
Depending on the application:
Pairs - in the second half of summer - early autumn (10-15 days before sowing winter grains and rapeseed), when weeds will give massive shoots and grow well (especially perennial ones).
Fields from under stubble and other predecessors (preparing them for spring sowing): in autumn, in the post-harvest period for growing weeds (as in fallows).
In spring, 2 weeks before sowing (planting) of sugar beet, sunflower, corn, fiber flax, soybeans, spring rapeseed, cabbage and other crops, or 2-5 days before potato germination, for vegetative weeds.
Grain crops - 14 days before harvesting (with grain moisture not more than 30%).
Desiccation (drying of grain) and partial destruction of weeds in order to facilitate harvesting.
Long flax sowings - 28 days before harvesting to dry cultivated and weeds.
Sunflower crops - 10 days before harvesting at a grain moisture content of not more than 30%, for drying cultivated and weeds.
Hayfields and pastures, a layer of perennial grasses - in the second half of summer, when the grasses, after mowing or grazing, grow by 10-15 cm.
Lands for non-agricultural use - in spring and summer, during the period of active growth, against a complex of grassy and tree-shrub vegetation.
Application schedule: in spring and autumn, treatments are carried out on vegetative weeds.
The flow rate of the working fluid during ground spraying is 100-200 l/ha, during aerial treatments - 50-100 l/ha. Spraying should be carried out in dry and calm weather, no later than 6 hours before rain. During spraying, the herbicide must not get on the leaves of cultivated plants, trees and shrubs.
It is not recommended to use Typhoon herbicide at air temperatures below +10°C and above +25°C.
Compatibility with other preparations: to increase the effectiveness against difficult-to-eradicate weed species and accelerate the development of visual symptoms of the herbicidal action, "Typhoon" can be mixed with other herbicides and with nitrogen fertilizers.
Preparation of the working solution: fill the sprayer tank with water by ½ volume, turn on the mixer and add the measured amount of the drug. Add water to the full volume with the mixer turned on. Continue stirring during processing.

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