Molucella laevis L.
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Musselblomma Irlands Klockor - Molucella laevis.
Omtyckt art för vackra vinterdekorationer. De fina, gulgröna klockorna utgörs av blommornas foderblad. Höjd: 60-90 cm.

Molucca balm "Bells of Ireland".
Green and graceful !
Graceful stems clothed with pale green calyces surrounding small, fragrant white flowers. For fresh or dry flower arrangements. HHA - Half hardy annual. Height 60-90 cm.
CULTURE: Sow February-April under glass in gentle heat. Germination from 21 days.
HINTS: Ideal for beds and borders, and as dried flowers. Prefers full sun. 

Green Garden Annual
Bells of Ireland is a lightly scented plant that grows 24 to 36 inches tall. The 1- to 2-inch, white-veined green bells that cling closely to stems are not really flowers but enlarged calyxes--the outer leaves that appear at the base of most flowers. The true flowers, tiny, fragrant and white, are deep within the bells. The popular names alluding to Ireland have been applied to this plant only because of the green color of the bells, not because the plant comes from Ireland; it is native to the eastern Mediterranean region.
Bells-of-Ireland makes interesting and long-lasting cut flowers, and have additional value as dried flowers for winter arrangements. Dry them in a cool, dark, airy location and pick the sparse prickly-textured leaves off
the stems so that the bells become more conspicuous. Whether you plan to use them in fresh or dried arrangements, the best time to cut is when the flowers are well-formed. Prefers a sunny location.

Sven.: Musselblomma, musselsysska.

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