Eccremocarpus scaber
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Chilean glory flower - Eccremocarpus scaber.
In its homeland, Chile, it is a perennial that forms a rather large tuber in the soil.
During the dry season, the above-ground part of the plant dies off and, with precipitation, resumes, developing from buds on the tuber.
In warm countries, tubers can be left in the ground, having previously covered them from frost. In temperate regions, eccremocarpus is cultivated as a seasonal annual.
A fast-growing climber up to 3-4 m tall, grown as an annual in Estonia for its attractive flowers.
Yellow, red, bright orange narrow-tubular flowers, almost closed in the throat, are magnificent. They grow in racemes up to 15 cm long, opposite the “airy” foliage.
Their complex pinnate leaves consist of 3-7 pointed leaflets.
Flowering time: from July to late autumn. With numerous bunches of tiny curls-antennae, the wisp clings to any support, rising to a height of up to 5 m in one season.
Small spear-shaped green fruits that appear in August resemble small peppers in shape. Introduced into the culture since 1824.
Location: sunny with loose and nutritious garden soil.
Care: plants are tied up and guided. During growth, good soil moisture is required; weekly top dressing until August.
1,0 g = 70 seeds.

Eng.: Chilean glory flower. Suom.: Koruköynnös. Sven.: Fackelranka.

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