Cobaea scandens
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Monastery vine "White" - Cobaea scandens.
Gorgeous annual liana!
Climbing plant, grown in our northern climate as an annual, with numerous shoots 3-4 m long. Bell-shaped flowers, 6-8 cm in diameter, white.
Plant is thermophilic. Used for vertical gardening (balconies, gazebos, fences).
Agricultural technology.
Sowing seedlings with pre-soaked seeds in the second decade of March in separate pots. In the process of plant development, after about a month, it is desirable to transfer to larger pots with the provision of plants with the simplest support in the form of a rod. Young vines are planted in open ground after the threat of frost has passed, in increments of 50-60 cm.
Grows well in sunny areas with fertile, deeply cultivated soils.

Eng.: Cathedral bells, Cup-and-saucer vine, monastery vine. Suom.: Kelloköynnös. Sven.: Klockranka. Bot. syn.: Cobaea lasseri Pittier, Rosenbergia scandens.

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