Mentha requienii Bent.
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Corsican mint "Mini mint" - Mentha requienii.
A very ornamental plant, forming a dense fragrant carpet 10-15 cm high, grown in our cool climate as an annual.
Stems recumbent and creeping, densely leafy, dense covers resistant to inactive trampling. Tiny pale purple flowers appear in June-August and bloom all summer, filling the garden space with a pleasant menthol aroma.
Corsican mint is native to the Mediterranean regions of Corsica, Sardinia, France and mainland Italy, where it is super popular.
Corsican mint is very unpretentious, it is very easy to grow from seeds and cuttings.
It is beautiful not only as a spice but also as an ornamental plant: as a ground cover, on alpine hills, flower beds and in hanging containers.
Seeds in granules. 20 seeds = 4 m2 or 6-8 hanging baskets (2 plants in each basket).

Eng.: Corsican mint. Suom.: Välimerenminttu. Sven.: Korsikansk mynta. Bot. syn.: Mentha corsica

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