Thymus serpyllum L.
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Wild thyme (Breckland thyme) - Thymus serpyllum.
Thyme is a perennial shrub, up to 30 cm high. Young shoots of thyme have a strong, pleasant aroma and a bitter, pungent taste and contain essential oils, mineral salts, tannins, and organic acids.
Thyme is used in cooking as a seasoning, as a medicinal plant, in the form of tinctures and compresses, as well as for landscaping the site, as an ornamental plant.

Thymus serpyllum, Nõmm-liivatee

It will take its rightful place in curbs, group plantings on rocky hills and along garden paths. Forms dense curtains, completely covered with pinkish-lilac inflorescences, which exude an unusually charming aroma on hot summer days.
Thyme is characterized by long and abundant flowering, resistance to diseases and pests is not afraid of trampling, and is an excellent honey plant.
Sowing: in open ground in early spring (April), with a distance between rows of 35 cm.
In the phase of the first true leaf, the plants are thinned out at a distance of 20 cm. They are sown for seedlings at the end of March. Plants are planted in open ground at the age of 60 days, according to the scheme 60x20 cm.
Thyme prefers well-drained, fertile, neutral soils. In one place grows up to 5 years.
Care: consists of loosening, weeding, watering and top dressing (especially during the flowering period).
Flowering: July-August.

Nõmm-liivatee, Thymus serpyllum
Wild thyme, Creeping thyme, Breckland thyme.

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