Allium tuberosum L.
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Chinese Chives (Garlic chives).
Late (100-120 days from sowing to cutting greens), winter-hardy variety of perennial onions.
The leaves are dark green, flat, trihedral, juicy and tender without spiciness, with a slight garlic taste, 30-35 cm long, 0.9-1.1 cm wide.
The content of ascorbic acid is 85-89 mg%, it has a low fibre content, due to which the leaves do not coarsen until late autumn.
Flowering plants have a pleasant aroma of hyacinth. Cutting greenery begins from the second year, 2-3 times a season.
Productivity at one-time harvesting is 1.3-1.5 kg/m2, with repeated cutting up to 2.7 kg/m2.
Sowing in open ground: April - May. 1.0 g = 190-250 seeds.
Harvest: July - September.
Landing pattern: 20x30 cm.

Chinese Chives, Garlic chives. Bot. syn.: Allium argyi H.Lev., Allium chinense Maxim., Allium clarkei Hook f., Allium roxburghii Kunth, Allium sulvia, Allium uliginosum G.Don, Allium yesoense Nakai, Allium ramosum, Allium odorum.

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