Lychnis alpina
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Alpine catchfly - Lychnis alpina.
Perennial for rock garden, flowering potted plant.
The height of the flowering plant is 10 cm.
Natural flowering period: June-July.
Climatic zones of winter hardiness: Z4-Z8.
The flowers are pink-red or crimson, collected in a paniculate inflorescence, denser in the upper part. Blooms in June-July.
This is an unpretentious species that does not require special care. Grows in sunny, dry areas. Does not tolerate wet and calcareous soil. Propagated by seeds.
In rock gardens, it is planted in dry places, preferably in sunny areas, in flowery stone walls.

Alpine catchfly. Bot. syn.: Silene suecica (G. Lodd.), Viscaria alpina (L.)

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