Lychnis alpina
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Alpine catchfly "Snow Flurry" - Lychnis alpina.
Alpine lychnis is popular with experienced and novice gardeners due to its easy care and high decorative effect. Compact bushes up to 15 centimeters high will be an excellent decoration for an alpine slide or a mixed flower bed.
In late spring, lush inflorescences consisting of small white flowers bloom among dense green foliage. The plant is not whimsical to the type of soil, but needs good drainage, which will protect the soil from moisture accumulation. This variety pairs well with other low drought tolerant perennials.

Eng.: Alpine catchfly. Bot.syn.: Lychnis alpina (Lodd.) Greut. et Burdet; Lychnis suecica Lodd., Silene suecica (Lodd.) Greuter et Burdet, Viscaria alpina (L.)

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