Myosotis alpestris
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Alpine Forget-Me-Not (colour mix) - Myosotis alpestris.
A perennial plant, 20-30 cm high, cultivated as a biennial. Blooms profusely in May-June.
Numerous small flowers are white, carmine-pink and dark blue.
Prefers semi-shady areas with moist, fertile soil. Grown by sowing in the ground in May-June.
Plants are transplanted to a permanent place at the end of August or in the spring of next year. It tolerates a transplant in a flowering form.
Used for spring decoration of flower beds and balconies, for cutting.

Myosotis alpestris, Alpi meelespea, Незабудка альпийская
Alpine Forget-Me-Not. Bot. syn.: Sylvatica alpestris.

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