Myosotis alpestris
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Alpine Forget-Me-Not "White".
An irreplaceable perennial for the early spring decoration of flower beds! An early, flowering groundcover with a branched stem. It forms a compact dense bush 15-20 cm high, which in May is covered with a mass of snow-white flowers collected in loose short inflorescences-curls. Plants are winter-hardy, tolerate transplantation well during spring-summer, even in flowering state. Blooms profusely for 40-45 days. The plant is photophilous. They look great not only in a flower bed, but also in a pot or balcony box. On a balcony or terrace, forget-me-nots are great in combination with other biennials.
Sowing: in May-June on seed beds in a greenhouse. Seeds are lightly powdered with light soil and compacted with a plank. Picking: after 4 weeks in the phase of two true leaves at a distance of 5 cm. In August, when the plants reach a height of 4-5 cm, they are planted in a permanent place with a distance between plants of 15-20 cm. After transplanting, the plants are well watered. Prefers semi-shady places and moist fertile soils. It is also possible to sow seedlings in October-November, to obtain flowering plants in the spring.

Eng.: Alpine Forget-Me-Not. Bot. syn.: Myosotis sylvatica Hoffm. subsp. alpestris.

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