Myosotis sylvatica Hoffm. subsp. alpestris (F.W.Schmidt)
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Alpine Forget-Me-Not "Pink" - Myosotis alpestris.
An early flowering plant. Branched stem 20-30 cm high. Pink flowers are collected in a loose short inflorescence curl. Blooms in May - June.
Used for spring decoration of flower beds, in rock gardens, and in rows as a border.
Agricultural technology.
The plant is moisture-loving and winter-hardy. Prefers a shady and semi-shady place, with fertile, moist soils. It tolerates transplantation well during spring - summer in a flowering state. The sowing of seeds is carried out in May-June in a permanent place. At a temperature of +18 °C shoots appear in 14-20 days. Seedlings are thinned out, maintaining a distance between plants of 20 cm.

Myosotis alpestris Lilac

Eng.: Alpine Forget-Me-Not "Rose". Suom.: Lemmikki. Sven.: Alpförgätmigej. Bot. syn.: Myosotis sylvatica Hoffm. subsp. alpestris (F.W.Schmidt).

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