Amaranthus paniculatus L.
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Blood amaranth "Autumn palette" - Amaranthus paniculatus.
An annual plant with powerful erect stems up to 120 cm tall.
The leaves are green, oblong-ovate with an elongated apex.
The flowers are collected in beautiful orange-red, spike-shaped, drooping inflorescences.
Amaranth is a light, moisture and heat-loving, fast-growing plant that does not tolerate frost.
Prefers light nutrient soils with sufficient lime content.
Amaranth seeds are sown shallowly - 3 mm, and the soil surface must be carefully leveled.
This variety is widely used to decorate flower beds, create high borders and hedges,
as well as making bouquets of fresh and dried flowers.
Groups or single plants look good in the center of flower beds, against the backdrop of lawns and shrubs.

Princes feather, red amaranth, African-spinach, blood amaranth, bush greens, grain amaranth, purple amaranth, red shank, Sudan-spinach. Bot. syn.: Amaranthus cruentus L.

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