Winter bouquet
 A mixture of herbs for dry bouquets
A mixture of herbs for dry bouquets Annual plants 30-130 cm high with decorative inflorescences are used for dry bouquets and various compositions. Sowing seeds in March - May directly into the ground. At a temperature of 20-22 °, germination o..
 Moon Carrot
Moon Carrot - Seseli gummiferum. Perennial from the Umbelliferae family with a compact rosette of thinly dissected, bluish-gray, evergreen leaves. Flower colour: white, cream. Flowering plant height: 80 cm. Natural flowering period: July - S..
Adlay millet "Job's Tears"
Adlay millet "Tear" (Job's tears) - Coix lacryma-jobi. It is an unusual 50-60 cm tall annual plant with tough stems, suitable for growing in tall beds to create floristic groups. In summer, the plants form drooping paniculate infloresc..
Amaranth "Perfecta" (Joseph's coat)
Amaranth "Perfecta" - Amaranthus gangeticus. Bright decorative leafy annual! A pretty multi-coloured bush about 50-70 cm high. Leaves are elongated-ovate, tricolour: a spectacular plant for real aesthetes. Recommended for single and..
Amaranth "Pygmy Torch" (Red cockscomb)
Purple Amaranth "Pygmy Torch" - Amaranthus hypochondriacus. Low and showy plants! Quite a rare variety with spectacular pyramidal inflorescences. The plant forms a densely leafy bush. The leaves are rough, green with burgundy veins...
Amaranth (original mixture of species and colors)
Joseph's coat - Amaranth (original mixture of species and colors). Nicely bright decorative deciduous plant! Leaves are elongated-ovoid, tricolor: green-claret, red-yellow, orange-yellow. Recommended for single and group plantings on the lawn, ..
American Basket flower (mix)
American Basket flower (colour mix) - Centaurea americana. A real giant among cornflowers with a strong, slightly branched stem, reaching 120 cm in height. Inflorescences up to 7.5 cm in diameter, spherical. Blooms in July-August. Used f..
Ammobium (Winged Everlasting)
Winged Everlasting - Ammobium alatum. Wonderful dried flowers for winter bouquets! An annual plant with a height of 50-70 cm, gives numerous peduncles from a basal rosette. Small yellow flowers are collected in inflorescences - baskets up to 2 cm i..
Big quacing grass
Big quacing grass - Briza maxima. Winter annual, strongly branching from the base, 40-60 cm high, large spikelets in panicle, 1-2.5 cm long. It reaches its greatest decorative effect in full sun. Location: all shakers are unpretentious, cold-r..
Blood amaranth "Autumn palette" (Princes feather, Red shank, Sudan-spinach)
Blood amaranth "Autumn palette" - Amaranthus paniculatus. An annual plant with powerful erect stems up to 120 cm tall. The leaves are green, oblong-ovate with an elongated apex. The flowers are collected in beautiful orange-red, spi..
Blue eryngo (flat sea holly)
Blue eryngo (Sea Holly) - Eryngium planum. A perennial growing to 1.0 - 1.2 m. It is hardy to zone 4. It is in flower from July to August. The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) and are pollinated by Bees, flies and ..
Bracted strawflower "Bunter Bikini" mix
Bracted strawflower "Bunter Bikini" mix. Magnificent undersized dried flower. This plant has earned its popularity among many dried flowers thanks to large, terry, spectacular inflorescences that retain colour throughout the winter. The ..
Bracted strawflower "Pink Crown" (paper-flower)
Paper-flower "Pink Crown". A magnificent dried flower, indispensable for winter bouquets! Annual. Brilliant large flowers. A slightly sprawling bush reaches a height of 100 cm. Each plant has about 25 silver-pink inflorescences 6-8 cm in ..
Bracted strawflower "Tom Thumb" (paper daisy)
Bracted strawflower "Tom Thumb" (mix) - Helichrysum bracteatum. Herbaceous plant 45-50 cm high. Stems erect, branched. The leaves are dark green, narrow. The flowers are double, 4-6 cm in diameter, of various colors: white, pink, yell..
Bracted strawflower "White" (paper-flower, everlasting)
Everlasting "White" - Helichrysum bracteatum. Great dry flower! Brilliant glossy large inflorescences on a spreading bush reaching a height of 100 cm. About 25 silver-white inflorescences 6-8 cm in diameter are formed on each p..
Bracted strawflower "Yellow"
Paper-flower "Yellow". Bracted strawflower is indispensable for winter bouquets. Magnificent dried flower. Glossy shiny large flowers. A slightly spreading bush reaches a height of 100 cm. Each plant has about 25 yellow inflorescence..
Chinese amaranth (Josephs coat) mix
Chinese amaranth (mix) - Amaranthus tricolor. A bright annual plant with rich colors is a real find for flower growers. Its decorative foliage is defiantly perky. It grows quickly, forming a fairly strong erect stem. The leaves are large, vari..
Chinese fountain grass
Chinese fountain grass - Pennisetum alopecuroides var. viridescens. Homeland: East Asia, Australia (fresh meadow soils). Perennial herbaceous plant. It looks beautiful thanks to its long, delicate, pretty inflorescences even in winter. In the garde..
Chinese lantern plant (strawberry tomato)
Strawberry tomato "Chinese lanterns" - Physalis alkekengi var. franchetii. For winter arrangements! A plant with numerous shoots 60 cm high. Up to 10-12 orange "lanterns" are formed on one shoot. Flowering in July-August, ..
Chinese silvergrass "Early Hybrids" (zebra grass)
Zebra grass "Early Hybrids" (Chinese silvergrass) - Miscanthus sinensis. Perennial from the Poaceae family. This mixture contains forms with the color of the panicles of red, scarlet and purple. The height of flowering plants is abo..
Chinese silvergrass "New Hybrids" (zebra grass)
Zebra grass (Chinese silvergrass) - Miscanthus sinensis. Silvery, pink, reddish silky "plumes" of inflorescences adorn tall (1.5-2.5 m) shoots. Leaves turn purple in autumn. Miscanthuses winter well, although it is desirable to cover youn..
Cockscomb "Flamingo"
Cockscomb "Flamingo" - Celosia spicata. Unusual and effecticul! Plant height 80 cm. One has only once to see her velvety exotic inflorescences in all their glory to fall in love with this "desperate fashionista" forever ... Pl..
Cockscomb "Gekko Green"
Cockscomb "Gekko Green" - Celosia argentea. New attractive collection of late blooming celosia. The foliage is generally greener when indoors, and turns burgundy when the plant is left outdoors for at least 1–2 weeks. Plan..
Cockscomb crested "Toreador"
Crested cockscomb "Toreador" (Bullfighter) - Celosia argentea L. var. cristata L. This original plant will not leave anyone indifferent, thanks to its bright dense inflorescences, reminiscent of a cockscomb ... Very decorative and un..
Cockscomb plumed "Liliput Mix"
Feather cockscomb "Lilliput" mixed - Сelosia argentea L. f. plumosa Voss. Take a look at the luxurious feather-shaped inflorescences of the new celosia and there is no doubt that you are in love with them! They have very rich sh..
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