Ammi majus
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Bullwort (Greater ammi, Lady's lace, Laceflower).
This is one of the best annual plants that is used to add lushness to flower beds and bouquets!
Plants develop very slowly - about four months pass from sowing seeds to flowering. The first umbrellas against a background of patterned greenery appear at the end of July and last until September. Delicate openwork umbrella inflorescences are greenish-white in color, and before withering they become golden with a green tint. In ammi, not only the flowers, but also the fruits are decorative, so umbrellas with yellow-green seeds should not be removed from the plants.
The plant requires a lot of space. The bushes grow to a height of 1 m and form many shoots. In order to speed up the moment of flowering, ammies are sown through seedlings in early spring (in February - March and planted in pots or cassettes). In May, young plants are planted in a permanent place, being careful not to damage the roots. Despite the fact that these specimens will bloom much earlier than those sown with seeds in open ground, they will also form inflorescences before the onset of autumn.
Ammi develops well only in bright sunlight and abundant watering.
This is one of the best plants used to add fullness and shape to cut flower bouquets. Ammi creates the same effect in a flower garden: the composition will always be voluminous, but airy.

Ammi majus
Bishopsweed, Bishop's weed, Bullwort, Greater ammi, Lady's lace, Laceflower.

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