Gypsophila elegans L.
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Graceful gypsophila "Rose" - Gypsophila elegans.
Annual plant.
A beautiful openwork plant with grey-green foliage. Small numerous flowers are collected in light graceful panicles. It blooms profusely, but not for long, and therefore it is possible to do repeated crops in 10-12 days.
Prefers well-drained soils and sunny positions. It reproduces well by self-sowing. Gypsophila is traditionally used to create contrast in flower arrangements, flowerbeds, flower beds and borders.
Agricultural technology.
Suitable for planting in any well-drained soil in a well-lit area in your garden.
Planting method: open ground.
Sowing time: May, June (re-sowing can be done during the season).
Soil temperature: +15 +18°С.
Germination time is 14-20 days.
Flowering time: August.
Plant height: 40-50 cm.
Distance between plants: 20 cm.
Distance between rows: 30 cm.
Care consists of periodic weeding, loosening, regular abundant watering and recommended top dressing with a complete complex fertilizer.

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