Phlox drummondii L.
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Phlox "Beauty in Crimson" - Phlox drummondii.
All summer the plant is dotted with bright inflorescences!
The bush is compact, up to 25 cm high. Flowers with a diameter of 3 cm are collected in an umbrella-shaped shield. When these touching, miniature, bead-like flowers bloom, you simply feel dizzy from the delicate aroma and subtle beauty. They will create a colourful frame in the foreground, along the paths and add bright colours to mixed plantings on hills, ridges, and colour flower beds. Blooms profusely from June to October.
Used for planting in flower beds, ridges, borders, and for decorating rocky hills.
It achieves its greatest decorative value in sunny places and light, fertile soils. Seeds are sown in March-April in seedling boxes, lightly sprinkled with soil. At a soil temperature of +18+20°C, seedlings appear in 10-20 days. Seedlings are planted in a permanent place at the end of May, maintaining a distance of 10-15 cm between plants. It is possible to sow directly into the ground in May.

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