Aster novae-angliae
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New England Aster - Aster novae-angliae.
The last smile of autumn!
Express perennial. An openwork bush with many flowers will decorate your garden until frost.
Asters are harmonious in any flower arrangement. Excellent for cutting. Photophilous and undemanding to the soil.
Homeland: central and eastern regions of North America. In culture since 1700.
Flower colour: pink, red, purple.
Flowering plant height: 160 cm.
Natural flowering period: September - October.
Winter hardiness zones: Z2 - Z8.
Novae-angliae asters are planted in sunny, open, not damp places. Although asters are not very demanding on the quality of soils, fertile, humus soils are still necessary for abundant and long flowering. On poor soils, 10 kg of humus, compost or other organic fertilizer are applied per 1 sq.m. and in summer they are fed with mineral fertilizers 2-3 times during the summer. The soil should be dug up to a depth of 20 cm. Asters can be planted in open ground in early May or September. The feeding area is 45 x 45 or 50 x 50 cm, depending on the height and splendour of the bush.
Since novae-angliae asters grow strongly and crowd each other, they should be transplanted after 3-4 years. Otherwise, the asters begin to bloom poorly, the inflorescences become smaller, and the plants become less attractive. The division of bushes should be carried out only in early spring. With this planting, asters bloom in the same year.
Inflorescences are used for various bouquets and arrangements, singly or decorate arrangements with branches of asparagus, mahonia, buxus, etc.
Inflorescences stand in water for 10-12 days. The cut inflorescences should also be cared for: changing the water, trimming the tips of the branches, cutting the leaves from the areas of the shoots that are in the water. Top dressing with special nutrient solutions will prolong the life of cut flowers. Variously used for casing, singly, in groups, etc.
Growing conditions.
Seeds germinate at t=+18 +21 °С on the 14-20th day. They bloom in the same year when sown for seedlings in February.
1.0g = 2500-2600 seeds.

Aster novae-angliae, Kaunis aster
New England Aster. Bot. syn.: Symphyotrichum novae-angliae.

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