Aster amellus
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Amellaster "Rudolf Goethe" - Aster amellus.
Do you dream that your garden will be in bloom until late autumn? Then the aster "Rudolf Goethe" will become an indispensable assistant.
Perennial. Plant height 50 cm. Flower diameter 5 cm.
From mid-summer until the first snow, it will bloom its semi-double basket inflorescences with a golden yellow center. Its flower bushes are very compact and will look great framing a path in the garden, or performing a solo part on the lawn.

Aster amellus

SOWING: in March-April for seedlings. 1.0 g = 800 seeds.
Seeds require preliminary stratification: sow the seeds on the soil surface, cover with glass and place in the refrigerator (temperature +5 + 7 ° C). Crops are kept under such conditions for 21 days, and then transferred to room conditions. In the phase of 1-2 true leaves, the seedlings dive. In the phase of 5-6 true leaves, the plants are planted in a permanent place, according to the scheme 20x30 cm. Young plants bloom in 1-2 years.
MAINTENANCE: Prefers nutritious soils with good moisture, but not wet. Plants need fertilizer and are very responsive to lime. For top dressing, it is recommended to use a complex mineral fertilizer that provides the necessary nutrition.
In one place, asters are grown for 5-6 years, after which the bushes are rejuvenated. In the budding phase, fertilizing with phosphorus and potash fertilizers is necessary (5 g per 1 m2).
FLOWERING: July-September.

Aster amellus  Kiirgaster  Amellaster
Aster amellus.
It grows in Central France, in Italy, in the countries of South-Eastern Europe, in the Caucasus, in Transcarpathia, in Asia Minor and Western Siberia along the edges, in rare, open places, on calcareous slopes in gravel soil. In natural habitats often grows with Carlina acaulis, Aster linosyris.
Inflorescences are large: up to 4-5 cm in diameter in loose corymbs. Each inflorescence bears 10-15 inflorescences-baskets, so the plant is densely covered with them. Reed flowers are lilac-blue, tubular - yellow. Blooms from mid-July to September (average 60-65 days).

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