Callistephus chinensis L.
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Aster "Princess White".
Plant height up to 90 cm.The diameter of the inflorescence is 12 cm.
Beautiful aster with strong peduncles up to 40 cm long, one of the best for cutting. Bushes are strong, wide, 70-90 cm high. Inflorescences are hemispherical, densely double, dense, Ø10-12 cm.
The variety is highly resistant to fusarium. Both inflorescences and bushes generally endure rainy weather without losing their decorative effect.
Plants are cold-resistant, withstand frosts down to -3-4 ° C, light-loving.
Used to decorate flower beds.

Aedaster, Callistephus chinensis, Karl Adolf Zenf
Karl Adolf Zenf  (1785-1863).

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