Solanum melongena L.
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Aubergine "Patio Baby" F1.
Productive baby - Eggplant "Patio Baby" F1, in addition to the very beautiful shape of the bush and fruits, is distinguished by a compact habitus. The branching of the shoots is abundant, which makes this hybrid a real find for growing in large planters in the patio area or on balconies.
A very decorative hybrid variety with numerous fruit clusters that can be grown almost anywhere!
This hybrid grows up to 50 cm high, therefore, even if you plant it in open ground, it will take up much less space than its counterparts.
Great for growing in a small amount of soil, in containers on a sunny patio. In open ground, plants can reach 75 cm (in a container, of course, their height is lower, and their habitus is less).
During the fruiting period, the bush is covered in abundance with neat fruits: it looks incredibly neat and beautiful!
Eggplant "Patio Baby" F1 is grown through seedlings: about 75 days should pass from the moment the seeds are planted to transplanting into open ground. Eggplants do not tolerate picking, so we advise you to reduce the number of transplants to a minimum. And it’s better to do without them altogether if you use special planting tablets or biodegradable pots: no unnecessary injuries to the root system, which means faster plant growth.
To do this, the seeds must first be soaked for several minutes in water with a temperature of + 40 + 50 ° C, and then wrapped in a damp cloth and put in a warm place for 5-7 days. A similar procedure is usually carried out with pepper, but since eggplant is also a heat-loving southern crop, exactly the same method can be applied to it ...
After the seeds hatch, first dry them, and then sow them to a depth of 1.5-2.0 cm. Cover the pots with foil. As soon as seedlings appear on the surface, remove the film and put them in a sunny place to accelerate the growth of the shoots. Do not forget that during the period of seedling development, eggplants need more water than tomatoes or peppers.
If you want to plant eggplant in a container, do not forget that the soil must be very nutritious: the space in containers is limited, and the roots cannot "find" an additional source of nutrition, so in this case, it is better to use complex mineral fertilizers at the beginning of seedling growth, and on the moment of fruit set is phosphorus-potassium. Then as a result you will get beautiful and juicy fruits!

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