Salvia superba L.
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Autumn sage (colour mix) - Salvia superba.
Attractive and vibrant perennial!
Plant height reaches 60 cm. Forms many spike-shaped inflorescences of deep purple colour. Long flowering. Will be a great accent in a combined perennial flower bed.
The plant prefers light permeable soils and a sunny position. Seeds are sown in March in seedling boxes, lightly sprinkled with light earth.
At a soil temperature of +20+30 °C shoots appear on the 14th day. Seedlings dive into open ground in May, maintaining a distance between plants of 20-30 cm.
In the first year, a rosette of leaves is formed, and in the second year abundant flowering occurs. Spring sowing of seeds in the soil in well-moistened soil is also possible.

Eng.: Autumn sage. Bot. syn.: Salvia sylvestris x villicaulis, Salvia virgata auct.

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