Geum chiloense L.
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Avens "Kuklik" - Geum chiloense.
Bright blooming perennial. Plant height 60 cm Flower diameter 4 cm Rhizome herbaceous perennial from the Rosaceae family.
Forms lush bushes 50-60 cm high, with a basal rosette of ornamental, pubescent leaves and numerous flower stalks. Flowers are double, Ø 3-4 cm, solitary or in few-flowered paniculate inflorescences.
Spectacular flowering continues for about 50 days from the end of May. Plants are plastic to lighting conditions - they grow well both in the sun and in light shade, are resistant to temporary drought, but are very responsive to watering, they prefer moderately moist, loose, fertile soils. They winter well.
They are used to decorate classic mixborders with perennials, the banks of ornamental ponds, for cutting into bouquets.
Sowing seeds in open ground in early spring on a seed bed. Shoots appear in 3-4 weeks. Regular watering, weeding, loosening and top dressing are necessary. Plants bloom in the second year. It can also be grown through seedlings (then sowing in March).

Geum chiloense Tsiili mõõl

Flowers: June and July onwards the following year. Height: 24 inches. 
Earlier and more prolific flowering than any other variety with good plant vigour throughout the whole production process.
Sowing Instructions: sow onto the surface of a moist seed sowing compost in a 576 plug tray or slightly larger unit. Propagate at +18 to +20°C and germination should take place in approximately 10 days.
Growing Instructions: January sown plants will need to be kept growing at a temperature of 15 until established at which point they can be cooled down to 10°C until they are ready for potting in a 9 or 10-cm pot in Early March for sales in May. The June- July sowings will need to Be grown on as cool as possible and potted in late summer for overwintering for sales the following April / May. These sowings could also be used to produce a cut flower crop either under cover or outdoors however the best results as a cut flower will not come until the second year.

Geum chiloense Tðiili mõõl

Red avens. Geum chiloense.

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