Geum chiloense
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Avens "Duo mix".
Flowers: June and July onwards the following year.
Height: 40-60 cm.
Earlier and more prolific flowering than any other variety with good plant vigour throughout the whole production process.
Propagate a +18 to +20°C and germination should take place in approximately 10 days.
Growing Instructions: January sown plants will need to be kept growing at a temperature of +15 until established at which point they can be cooled down to +10°C until they are ready for potting in a 9 or 10 cm pot in Early March for sales in May.
The June-July sowings will need to Be grown on as cool as possible and potted in late summer for over wintering for sales the following April/May.
These sowings could also be used to produce a cut flower crop either under cover or outdoors however the best results as a cut flower will not come until the second year.

geum chiloense Yellow

Geum chiloense Tsiili mõõl

Eng.: Avens. Suom.: Punakelluka. Sven.: Praktnejlika, nejlikrot.

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