Platycodon grandiflorum L.
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Chinese bellflower "Pink Petal" - Platycodon grandiflorum.
Charming compact frost-resistant, perennial plant, 30 cm high.
Platycodon is one of the most beautiful plants of the bluebell family with the largest flowers. The flowers are bell-shaped, before opening they inflate into pink faceted balls, similar to small lanterns, which, in a composition with opened flowers, is a fantastic sight...
It looks especially impressive in groups on the lawn or in combination with other perennials, on alpine hills, in flower beds. Good in bouquets.
In one place, the plant lives without requiring worries and without losing its decorative effect for up to 5 years. Flowering is plentiful and long. Prefers light, fertile soil.
Agricultural technology.
Seeds are sown in April on the surface of moist compost, lightly sprinkled. Cover with glass or film to maintain the humidity regime, keeping at a temperature of +22 °C. Shoots appear on the 6-10th day. After the appearance of the second true leaf, the plants dive. Seedlings are planted in open ground in June at a distance of 25-30 cm. Further care consists in loosening, weeding, regular watering and fertilizing.

Platycodon grandyflorus

Eng.: Chinese bellflower, balloon flower. Suom.: Jalokello. Sven.: Praktklocka.

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