Ocimum americanum L.
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Sweet basil ''Bolloso Napoletano'' - Ocimum basilicum L.
A must-have for spaghetti!
Mid-season variety. The plant is semi-spreading, 35-40 cm high. The leaves are highly bubbly, bright green, up to 12 cm long, with a unique spicy aroma.
The mass of one plant is 80-100 g. Heat-, light- and moisture-loving. Prefers fertile, well-drained fertilized soils.
Variety value: high yield of green mass, high content of essential oil. It is used as a spice in cooking, fresh, dried, frozen.

Vürtsbasiilik Spaghetti Sweet Basil  Basilika Базилик Для спагетти Ocimum americanum
Sweet basil. Bot. syn.: Ocimum americanum L.

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