Ocimum basilicum L.
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Sweet basil "Dark Opal" (Violetto Aromatico).
Medium early grade. The plant is semi-spreading, well-leafy, and 40-50 cm high. The leaves are dark purple, with a strong aroma. Plant mass 180-230 g.
Demanding heat and light, it is planted in places protected from cold winds and well-lit by the sun. It is moisture-loving and responsive to nitrogen fertilizers, which increase the yield of green mass.
For better bushiness the plants are pinched.
Variety value: strong aromaticity, which persists in dry plants for up to 3 years, high amateur demand.
It is used fresh as salad greens, spicy-flavouring additive to meat dishes, for marinades, and dried - for spices. It is used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent for diseases of the kidneys and gallbladder.

Vürtsbasiilik Purpuurne Basil Purple Basilika Базилик пурпурный
Dark purple Basil.

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