Ocimum americanum L.
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Violet Basil "Purple Ruffles".
An annual herbaceous plant up to 60 cm high.
Bright pink inflorescences at the tips of the shoots. Purple leaves with a spicy muscat smell and taste, rich in essential oils and carotene.
The plant is warm and light-loving. The leaves and young stems are used fresh and dried as a seasoning, as well as for pickling and pickling.
Agricultural technology.
Sowing time: April. At a temperature of +20+25°C, seedlings appear in 5-8 days.
Planting seedlings in May and June.
Harvest: July, August, September.
The distance between plants is 20 cm, the distance between rows is 30 cm.

Violetne vürtsbasiilik
Sweet basil. Bot. syn.: Ocimum americanum L.

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