Ocimum americanum L.
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Violet Basil "Purple Ruffles".
Annual herb with a height of up to 60 cm.
Bright pink inflorescences at the tips of the shoots. Purple leaves with a spicy nutmeg smell and taste, rich in essential oils and carotenes. The plant is heat and light loving. Leaves and young stems are used fresh and dried as seasoning, pickling and salting. At a temperature of +20+25°C, growths appear in 5-8 days.
Sowing time for pre-cultivation: April. Planting seedlings in May, June.
Harvesting: in July, August, September.
Distance between plants 20 cm, distance between rows 30 cm.
0.15 g of seeds in a package.

Violetne vürtsbasiilik

Eng.: Sweet basil. Suom.: Basilika. Sven.: Basilika. Bot. syn.: Ocimum americanum L.

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