Monarda didyma L.
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Bergamot (Bee balm) mix - Monarda didyma.
The mischievous, bright blooms of this variety are excellent in the garden and in the cut. This one of the most effective and versatile perennials will create a bright spot in your flower garden and lawn. Leaves and flowers have a pleasant lemon scent. Perennial herb up to 80 cm tall, with a long horizontal rhizome. Stems are erect with fine hairs. The flowers are small, lilac, violet, pink, purple, collected in dense inflorescences up to 6 cm in diameter.
1,0 g = 1800-2000 seeds.

Eng.: Bergamot, Oswego tea, scarlet beebalm, bee balm, fragrant balm, Indianernessel, mountain mint. Suom.: Väriminttu, hevosminttu, teeminttu. Sven.: Röd Temynta.

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