Penstemon barbatus ssp. coccineus
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Beard Tongue "Jingle Bells" - Penstemon barbatus ssp. coccineus.
The plant is winter-hardy up to -35 degrees. Perennial compact plant up to 150 cm tall. When grown from seeds, cold stratification is desirable for a month. Seeds are sown on a slightly compacted surface of moist soil. Crops are sprayed and covered with glass. The optimum temperature for seed germination is +20..+21°С.
Penstemon is planted in groups in prefabricated flower beds or in stripes on ridges. The inflorescences are suitable for cutting into bouquets. Although they do not last long in the water, they look great.
Good honey plant.
The height of the flowering plant is 150 cm.
Flowering period: July-September.
Climatic zones: Z3-Z8.

Eng.: Beardtongue, Beard Tongue, Scarlet Bugler. Bot.syn.: Chelone barbata.

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