Beta vulgaris var. conditiva Alef.
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Beetroot "Karkulka".
Cylindrical roots, flesh without distinct rings, fine taste.
For fresh market and preserving.
Good resistance to diseases and bolting.
A very fertile variety with cylindrically shaped bulbs suitable for all methods of use.
1,0 g = 40-60 seeds.

Eng.: Red Beet. Suom.: Punajuurikas. Sven.: Rödbeta.

* Beets against diseases.
The ancient Romans were very fond of beets for their specific taste and medicinal properties. They knew that beetroot improves blood composition, regulates the functioning of the circulatory system and is therefore useful for hypertensive patients. It was also used as a cure for anaemia.
Nowadays, beets are advised to eat for with stomach ailments, including heartburn - it contains a lot of minerals: calcium, iron, sodium and potassium, which contribute to the production of alkalis by the intestines.
Beet tops are used for soups, but it only takes 10 minutes to cook them for them to become soft and retain their brittleness. Beet leaves are also eaten raw, seasoned with vegetable oil (sour cream) and adding a few drops of lemon juice.
A beetroot vitamin cocktail is useful for both adults and children - especially in winter.
To do this: take 2 beets, 1 carrot and 0.5 kg of spinach, squeeze the juice out of them and season with lemon juice - drink this cocktail on an empty stomach, gaining strength and health.

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