Beta vulgaris L.
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Red beet "Jolie" F1.
Medium early, fertile hybrid variety. The variety is appreciated for the high quality of tubers characterised with very good taste, rich colour, and beautiful shape.
Pulp is bright red, juicy, without ring inserts of hardened fiber. Beetroot should be eaten fresh, used for preserves and long storage. Harvested in 108-112 days after germination.
Grow in fertile, medium heavy, deeply tilled, permeable soil. Beetroot is sown directly into soil or seedlings are planted. During growth, beetroot is fertilised with complex fertiliser.
3,0 g contains about 180-270 seeds. 3 g of seeds will cover the area of 1-1.5 m2 The tuber harvest depends on the density of seeding forecasted yield is 20–40 kg.

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