Beta vulgaris L. var. esculenta
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Beetroot "Regulski Cylinder".
Easy harvesting! Saves crop area! Keeps for a very long time!
Medium-late variety: the period from germination to harvesting of root crops is 115-125 days. Forms root crops that have a cylindrical shape and low tops.
The rosette of leaves is semi-erect, the leaves are light green. The roots are cylindrical, burgundy-red, without concentric rings, 10-16 cm long, 5-9 cm in diameter, weighing 250-300 g with a small pointed tip and a smooth surface, which are easily pulled out of the soil.
The pulp is dark red, without rings, sweet, of high taste, with a high content of dry matter, sugars and betanin - very tasty. The skin is thin.
Root crops are immersed in the soil 1/3-1/4 of their length. It has good shelf life and disease resistance. Productivity 7-9 kg/m2.
Used for storage and canning.
The variety is very productive, allowing for economical use of space. Suitable for bunch culture at the stage of root crop formation
Agricultural technology.​​​​​​
To obtain an early harvest of greens and bunches in our climate zone, winter sowing can be done. In spring they are sown when the soil warms up to +8+10°C.
The sowing depth is 2-4 cm (depending on the type of soil), the distance between rows is 30-40 cm, after thinning the distance between plants should be 10-15 cm. Before sowing, the seeds are soaked in water for a day.
Place on loose, deeply cultivated soils. Thinning in the phase of 2-3 true leaves.
Sowing time: 3rd decade IV - 2nd decade VII.
Sowing rate: 12-15 kg/1 ha.
Harvest: VIII-IX.

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