Beta vulgaris var. conditiva Alef.
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Beetroot "Redshine".
Mid-early (75-90 days from full shoots to technical maturity) variety with very large roots.
The rosette of leaves is semi-erect. Root crops are round, equal in size, with a small head and thin skin, weighing 400-600 g.
Delicate juicy flesh without rings, rich burgundy colour, with a pleasant sweetish taste.
The variety is disease-resistant, heat-resistant, intended for long-term winter storage and fresh consumption.
Seeds are sown in rows with row spacing of 30 cm in late April - early May to a depth of 2-4 cm. Seedlings are thinned out, leaving 10-12 cm between plants.
To obtain large root crops, it is necessary to feed the plants every month with a solution of mullein, gently loosen the aisles and water as needed.

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