Begonia boliviensis
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Begonia boliviensis "Copacabana Salmon" F1.
A good alternative to varieties propagated by cutting!
Compact habit during production. 
Four colours available, bell-shaped flowers, flower size 6-7, plant height in flower beds 35 cm.
Tolerant to a wide range of cultivation conditions: drought, rain, full sun and shade. When we compare this new product with other types of begonia, it performs excellently in places exposed to full sunlight. It significantly extends the possibility of using these new varieties in plantations.
Use: Annual – Ideal for big hanging baskets, containers and garden beds. Young plants have erect growth first and later produce a large quantity of side shoots. They create a small overhang in boxes. The growth in garden beds is decumbent. 
Exposure: Full sun - shade 
Crop time: 14-17 weeks 
Sowing time: January for flowering bedding plants from May onwards.
Seeds: Excellent seed quality. Available only as pellets.
1,0 g = 75000 seeds.

Eng.: Bolivian Begonia. Suom.: Pisarabegonia. Sven.: Boliviabegonia.

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