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Seeds of ornamental plants for growing at home

"Living stones" collection (mix)
"Living stones" collection (mix) - Lithops gesinaria. Small, stemless, leafy succulents from the Mesembriantemic family. Most of the plant is buried in the soil. Aboveground part - two thick sheets fused into a column up to 20-50 mm h..
"Touch-Me-Not" Sensitive Plant
Sensitive plant "Touch-Me-Not" - Mimosa pudica L. This is a slightly branched perennial herbaceous plant with woody shoots 30-50 cm high from tropical America. As a houseplant, only shy mimosa is used ... Its bipinnate leaves are especial..
Adam's needle
Adam's needle (soap root) - Yucca filamentosa. Treelike plants with a thickened trunk or stemless. Linear, hard, spiny-pointed leaves form a dense crown (for which the plant is called a palm lily in many countries).  The flowers ..
Amethyst Flower Browallia
Bush Violet (Bush Violet, Amethyst Flower) - Browallia americana. This plant, in response to attention and care, will thank you with abundant and long flowering. Forms a low, highly branched bush with flexible shoots, perfectly combines the colour ..
Aubergine "Patio Baby" F1
Aubergine "Patio Baby" F1. Productive baby - Eggplant "Patio Baby" F1, in addition to the very beautiful shape of the bush and fruits, is distinguished by a compact habitus. The branching of the shoots is abundant, which makes th..
Barberton daisy "Grandi Fiori mix" (madeliefie)
Transvaal daisy "Grandi Fiori mix" - Gerbera x hybrida. Light Requirements: Sun to partial shade. Flower Color: Red, pink, yellow, white, orange, salmon; single, semi-double to double. Height: 12 to 18 inches (30-50 cm). Spacing: 12 to ..
Black pepper
Black pepper - Piper nigrum. Black pepper is grown mainly in countries with a tropical climate. Outwardly, it looks like a vine, so large plantations are used for breeding. The plant reaches a height of as much as seven meters and blooms every..
Blue Granadilla "Сavalier Star"
Blue Granadilla "Сavalier Star" - Passiflora caerulea. Plant type: flowering climbing plant. Decorative period: from summer to early autumn. Size: from 60 to 400 cm. Flowers: up to 10 cm in diameter, solitary, axillary, with a slig..
Busy Lizzie "Impreza Red" F1
Busy Lizzie "Impreza Red" F1. A magnificent and versatile balsam hybrid that blooms beautifully all year round in interiors, and in flowerbeds in summer! Compact bush with dense foliage, 15-20 cm high. Red flowers (3-4 cm in diameter). Fl..
Busy Lizzie "Impreza Violet" F1
Бальзамин Уоллера "Импреза фиолетовая" F1. Великолепный и универсальный гибрид бальзамина, прекрасно цветущий круглый год в интерьерах, а летом на клумбах ! Компактный куст с густой листвой, высотой 15-20 см. Цветы фиолетовые (д..
Buzzy lizzy "Athena Orange Flash" F1
Buzzy lizzy "Athena Orange Flash" F1 - Impatiens walleriana. Terry hybrid for garden and home. Plant height 25-30 cm. Flower diameter 4-5 cm. This popular houseplant is increasingly grown as an annual. The new compact, hybrid series..
Buzzy lizzy "Multicolor" (mix)
Buzzy lizzy "Multicolor" (mix) - Impatiens walleriana. Plant height 25 cm. Inflorescence diameter up to 5 cm. Delightful annual ampel and ground cover plant. The bush is compact with a lot of shoots. The hybrid is highly resistant to adv..
Cactus "Piante Grasse" (Cacti mixed)
Cacti "Piante Grasse" (mix) - Cactus (mixed). A mixture of popular types of cacti for growing on the window. These prickly pets will help you recreate a mini corner of the Mexican plateau. The form of plants is the most diverse: spherical..
Caper bush (cappero)
CAPER BUSH (Cappero, Flinders rose). Perennial ornamental herb. It is a great plant suitable for growing on balconies, terraces and winter gardens. Bitter spicy berries - buds are used for food flavouring. Berries are salted, pickled and used t..
Chilli pepper "Piccante Guardacielo"
Chilli pepper "Piccante Guardacielo" - Capsicum frutescens. Early and very pungent. This variety is also suitable for cultivation in open ground. The pods turn bright red when fully ripe (35-40 g, long). The plant is compact and disease r..
Chilli pepper "Stromboli"
Compact hot pepper "Stromboli" - Capsicum frutescens. Early, hot variety. Compact plant producing bunches of conical dark green fruits which grow upwards, turning orange when ripe. Can also be grown ornamentally in a container. Ear..
Cineraria "Grandiflora Multicolor"
Florists cineraria "Grandiflora Multicolor". Цинерария кровавая (крестовник гибидный) "Высокорослая смесь" - Senecio cruentus hybrids. Взрослое и красивое растение - всегда отличный подарок ! Растение высотой 40 см. Множ..
Coffea arabica nana (Mountain coffee)
Mountain coffee - Coffea arabica nana. An exotic tree, a favorite drink and medicine for your home. A beautiful evergreen tree with glossy, wavy, dark leaves, about 70 cm high. The flowers are collected in several pieces in the leaf axils, wh..
Coleus "Kong Green Halo"
Flame nettle "Kong Green Halo". A popular ornamental-leaved plant that is used with equal success both as a houseplant and as a garden annulus. Height 46-61 cm. Growing it from seeds is a great pleasure, since even beginners in flor..
Coleus "Kong Lime Sprite"
Menthol plant "Kong Lime Sprite". It is a strong, sturdy plant that grows rapidly up to 50 cm in height. Extremely large leaves and a unique pattern. Sowing: March-May for seedlings. As soon as the plants have grown so that the pattern be..
Corn salad "Verte de Cambrai" (lamb`s lettuce)
Lamb`s lettuce "Verte de Cambrai" (Corn salad). The leaves of this salad have a delicate texture and aroma, exquisite sweetish-nutty flavoгur and light astringency. Contains more iron than other types of lettuce, as well as vitamins ..
Decorative pepper
Decorative pepper. Vertically beautiful and sharp! The plant is 20-25 cm high. Fruits are small, numerous, cone-shaped, of various colors: in technical ripeness - yellow-green, in biological ripeness - red, weighing 14-22 g. The flowers are small a..
Decorative pepper "Pyramid" F1
Decorative pepper "Pyramid" F1. Simultaneous variety of colours! Early maturing (85-95 days) hybrid for open ground, film shelters and for growing in indoor conditions. The plant is compact, 15-25 cm high. Fruits are small, conical, brig..
Dill "Aurora"
Bushy dill "Aurora". Resistant to low light. Suitable for growing on a windowsill. Early ripening (25-35 days from germination to harvesting) low-growing variety with intensive growth. Forms a powerful, leafy bush. The leaf is dark green..
Eggplant "Pianta Delle Uova"
Eggplant "Pianta Delle Uova". An exotic and highly ornamental variety. Plant height 40-50 cm. Fruits weigh 50-70 g. 1.0 g = 260 seeds. ..
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