Begonia semperflorens
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Clubed Begonia - Begonia semperflorens "Akord" F1 Scarlet Red.
Plant height 30 cm. Color - red.
It is used in carpet flower beds, as well as a container and pot plants.
1.0 g = 75,000 seeds.
The package contains 10 granulated seeds in the form of dragees with mineral fertilizers.
Begonia prefers to grow in partial shade on rich soils. Sow in January-February. A layer of calcined sand 3 mm thick is poured onto the soil, levelled and moistened well. Seeds do not sprinkle. The landing container is covered with glass and placed in a lighted warm place. At a soil temperature of + 20 + 25 ° C, seedlings appear on the 10-14th day. Watered with soft water from a sprayer.
The first pick in the phase of 3 leaves, the second - after 2 months. Planted in open ground in late May - early June (when the threat of late spring frosts has passed).

Begonia semperflorens Akord F1

Begoonia alatiõitsev 'Akord' F1 Begonia semperflorens
Club Begonia, Clubed Begonia.

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