Begonia semperflorens
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Begonia semperflorens "Variace" F1 Scarlet Red (granulated seeds).
Plant height 25 cm. Colour - red.

Terms of receipt of commercial seedlings.
To obtain commercial seedlings for planting in open ground in May, sowing must be done from mid-January to the end of February, i.e. seeds are sown 14-15 weeks before the sale of seedlings.
The emergence of seedlings from seeds.
To obtain 1000 quality plants, 2000 seeds are sown. Both regular and coated seeds are used.
Sowing and germination of ordinary seeds.
Sowing is carried out in a well-drained moist substrate, in which nutrients are either absent or contained in small quantities. Use standard boxes with a size of 20x30 cm. After sowing, the substrate is lightly tamped, the seeds are not covered. Before germination, seed boxes are covered with glass or film on top to prevent drying. Seeds germinate in 10-14 days at an air temperature of +22..+24°C, under conditions of high relative humidity. Immediately after germination, the shelter is removed and the temperature is slowly reduced to +19..+20°C.
Sowing and germination of coated seeds.
Coated seeds are ideal for machine seeding in seedling cassettes. When using cassette systems, 2 capsules are sown in 1 cassette. Dragee seeds germinate 1-3 days later than standard seeds. The use of capsules reduces losses during picking.
Germination is accelerated by faster dissolution of the capsules, which occurs with significant but gentle moisture. The humidity level is constant throughout the germination period. Sowing temperature +22..+24°С.
Picking and planting in pots.
The picking is carried out 6 weeks after sowing, and after another 4-5 weeks, the seedlings are transplanted into pots. A standard loose gummed substrate is used. Seedlings dive into cassettes or 8-9 cm pots. After picking, the planting pattern is 3x3 cm, approximately 1100 pcs/m2. When planting in pots, pots are set one to one - 100-150 plants / m2, depending on the size of the pot. Depending on the habitus of plants, their total number is 60-80 pieces/m2.
Temperature regime.
The first time after picking, while the plants take root, maintain a temperature of + 20 ° C. In the future, it is reduced to +18°C and at the final stage - to +16°C. Before selling, the temperature is reduced to +10..+15°C, the plants are kept in a dry, aerated room. Such conditions are optimal for their hardening.
The use of growth regulators.
The use of growth regulators is not recommended. With early sowing, if necessary, it is possible to spray CCC at a dose of 0.075%.
Top dressing.
Begonia is very sensitive to salt, so fertilizers with a low salt content are used. Complex fertilizers are applied, 2 weeks after planting, weekly at a dose of 0.1%.

Eng: Club Begonia, Clubed Begonia.

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