Lupinus polyphyllus
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Garden lupine "Noblemaiden White" - Lupinus polyphyllus.
Large inflorescences on strong stems. A plant up to 80 cm high. The leaves are beautiful, palmate-complex, on long petioles.
Creamy-white flowers are collected in racemose inflorescences 35-40 cm long. Blooms in June.
Used for borders, borders, mixborders.
Agricultural technology.
The plant prefers sunny areas, is not demanding on soils, grows well on any garden soil.
Seeds are sown in April-May in open ground in a permanent place, maintaining a distance between plants of 20-25 cm.
Seedlings appear on the 25-30th day.

Eng.: Bigleaf lupine, garden lupin. Suom.: Komealupiini. Sven.: Blomsterlupin. Bot. syn.: Lupinus alilatissimus C. P. Sm., Lupinus apodotropis Heller.

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