Bigleaf garden lupine "Brights Towers" (mix)
Bigleaf garden lupine (mixture) - Luphinus polyphyllus. Favorite showy flowers. Unpretentious perennial. Long standing in the cut! Plant height 90-100 cm. Agrotechnics. The plant prefers sunny areas, it is not demanding on soils, it grows w..
Bigleaf lupine "White"
Garden lupine "Noblemaiden White" - Lupinus polyphyllus. Large inflorescences on strong stems. A plant up to 80 cm high. The leaves are beautiful, palmate-complex, on long petioles. Creamy-white flowers are collected in racemose..
Lupine "Russel mix"
Bigleaf lupine "Russel mix" - Lupinus polyphyllus. Plants height 100-120 cm. Due to the wide variety of shapes and colors, Russell hybrids can be widely used in landscaping and for cutting. Inflorescences cut in the early morning re..
Lupine "Russel Red Flame"
Lupine "Russel Red Flame". If a gardener first of all uses the principle of "combine business with pleasure" when selecting plants for a plot, then there is no better candidate. Lupine is a living nitrogen factory. A perennial pl..
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