Ageratum mexicanum Sims.
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Flossflower "Tetra Blue mink".
Blue ocean in a flower bed!
A compact variety with neat fluffy inflorescences of rich colour. It blooms unusually abundantly and for a long time, until the first frost.
Recommended for decorating various flower beds, borders, and balcony boxes. It tolerates a haircut well and is easy to cut.
Seeds remain viable for 2-3 years. In 1 g up to 6000 seeds.

* This composition will brighten your garden in autumn, when most of the plants have already faded ...
Datura grows in the center of the lawn, planted with lawn grass, behind a low stone hedge, whose flowers will bloom until frost. The plant can be planted both in a decorative flowerpot and directly into the ground.
An unpretentious ageratum grows in front of the Datura, the lilac-blue flowers of which are in harmony in color with the leaves of the scumpia, purple annual asters and perennial chrysanthemums.
The space between the stones can be filled with an earthen mixture and sedum (Sedum) or (Sempervivum sp.)
In the background of the composition, you can plant a juniper bush.

Mehhiko päsmaslill aias

Specification of plants:
1. Smoke bush (Cotinus coggygria)
2. Chinese aster (Callistephus chinensis)
3. Angel's trumpet
(Datura metel)
4. Bluemink (Ageratum houstonianum)
5. Savin juniper
  (Juniperus sabina)
6. (Chrysanthemum)
7. Flat Sea Holly
(Еryngium planum).

Päsmaslill aiakujundamises, использование агератума в оформлении сада

Eng.: Bluemink, blue billygoat-weed, flossflower. Suom.: Sinitähtönen, agera. Sven.: Leverbalsam, ageratum. Bot. syn.: Ageratum houstonianum P. Mill.

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