Ageratum houstonianum L.
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Floss-flower "Blue Ball" - Ageratum mexicanum.
Fragrant blue ocean in the flower bed!
This variety of ageratum is excellent as a cut flower. Its fragrant inflorescences exude a pleasant perfume aroma.
Cultivated as an annual.
The plant is upright, branched, up to 60 cm high. Flowering is plentiful from June to frost. Fragrant small blue flowers are collected in dense fluffy inflorescences 5-8 cm in diameter. Quite drought-resistant, light-loving, but can grow with slight shading, prefers light, moderately fertile soils. Heat-loving, does not tolerate frost.
Grow seedlings. Sowing is carried out in late March-early April, seedlings appear after 8-12 days. Planting seedlings in late May-early June, after the end of spring frosts, according to the scheme 20 x 20 cm. They are used for planting in flower beds, in discounts.

1,0 g = 6000-10000 seeds.

Recommended shelf life of seeds: 2-3 years.
Number of seeds: 1.0 g = 6000-10000 pcs.

Floss-Flower, bluemink, blue billygoat-weed, flossflower. Bot. syn.: Ageratum houstonianum P. Mill.

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