Salvia splendens L.
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Bonfire sage "Violet".
A beautiful compact annual plant up to 30 cm tall, having an inflorescence-raceme of violet-lilac color.
Salvia will decorate any carpet and flower bed, container. Plants are thermophilic, photophilous and hygrophilous, do not tolerate frost well.
The seeds are quite small, 2.5-3 mm long, 1 g contains 300 - 500 seeds, they retain their germination capacity for 3-4 years. Salvia seeds are sown for seedlings in mid-March.
Seedlings appear 7-10 days after sowing at a temperature of + 20 + 22 ° C. After 3-4 weeks, in the phase of two or three true leaves, the seedlings are dived into pots 8-8 cm in size or in boxes with a distance of 6-8 cm between plants.
Hardening of seedlings is a mandatory procedure for salvia, it is carried out 7-10 days before planting seedlings in open ground, lowering the temperature to +10 ° C and accustoming it to direct sunlight.
Seedlings are planted in open ground in early June, when the threat of frost has passed.

Salvia splendens Dwarf Purple Leeksalvei purpuurne

Eng.: Bonfire sage. Suom.: Tulisalvia. Sven.: Praktsalvia.

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