Salvia splendens
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Bonfire sage (dwarf mix) - Salvia splendens.
Compact variety with bright sparkling flowers!
A plant from the Lamiaceae family, forms a densely leafy, compact bush 20-25 cm high, with strong, dark green shoots. Flowers in whorls of 2-6, large, irregular, with a double perianth, collected in a racemose.
Flowering is early, abundant and long from June to frost. Prefers sunny areas with loose, moderately fertile soils, can grow in partial shade. Grow seedlings. To obtain seedlings, sowing is carried out in February-March. Shoots appear on the 10-15th day. Seedlings are planted in early June, after the end of spring frosts at a distance of 20-25 cm. For more abundant flowering, it is recommended to pinch young plants.
Used for decorating flower beds, planting in groups on the lawn, in ridges and balcony boxes.

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