Boric acid + L-proline
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Microdoctor (B + L-proline) is a boron-containing microfertilizer intended for foliar feeding of garden and ornamental plants.
Organic farming.
Ingredients: amino acid - proline, sodium octaborate 0.25% (0.044% B), adhesive and surfactant.
Signs of boron deficiency in plants:
• Thickening of young leaves and incomplete development of the leaf blade.
• Growth is slowing down.
• Weakening of the root system.
• Plant growth sites begin to dry out. In this case, many side shoots are formed, which is why the plant bushes.
• As the deficiency worsens, small spots of chlorosis and decay appear on the leaves.
• Older leaves harden and become brittle, petioles turn orange-brown.
• Flower buds turn brown and fall off, few fruits are formed.
• Irregularly shaped fruits with rough skin and prone to cracking.
• A cork ring appears in the stalk area.
• Brown spots appear inside the fetus.

Compensation for the consequences of stressful conditions:
• Cold, heat, excessive humidity.
• Invasion of pests, pathogens.
• Harmful effects of pesticides, salts.

Application: spray plants every 14 days until the stems, upper and lower sides of the leaves are completely wet.
Spray on a calm and cloudy day, in the morning or in the evening.

Boron is the strongest and very important trace element that:
* causes the synthesis of lingin and pectins, as a result of which it is also involved in the reconstruction of plant cells
* gives plants strength
* enhances the movement of substances in plants and photosynthesis, facilitates the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins, stimulates the formation of chlorophyll
* increases the abundance of flowers in plants, improves the quality of the crop, promotes the growth of roots, increases the drought resistance of plants
* provides a high content of sugar in fruits and starch in potato tubers.

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