Boric acid + L-proline
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Microdoctor (Fe + L-proline) is an iron-containing microfertilizer intended for foliar feeding of garden and ornamental plants.
Organic farming.
Composition: amino acid - proline, iron (Fe) - 0.015%, adhesive and surfactants.
Application: spray plants every 14 days to completely wet the stems and upper and lower leaves.
Spray on a calm and cloudy day, in the morning or in the evening.

Signs of iron deficiency:
• Young leaves turn light green and yellow, stems remain dark green and leaf margins curl.
• Violations of photosynthesis and plant metabolism.
• Chlorophyll deficiency - young leaves turn white.
• Small fruits.
• Shoots grow slowly, thin, short, the tips dry up.
• Reduced plant resistance to cold.

Iron deficiency in the soil increases if:
• High soil pH.
• Too humid.
• There is an excess presence of copper (Cu), manganese (Mn) or zinc (Zn).
• Clay soil - iron is fixed and plants do not absorb it well.

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