Lagenaria siceraria L.
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Bottle gourd mix - Lagenaria siceraria.
Lagenaria is an annual decorative liana with shoots up to 2 m from the Pumpkin family.
The plant is vigorous and strongly branched, with pale green, slightly pubescent large leaves.
The flowers are white, large, similar to a huge open bell. Fruits are pear-shaped, bottle-shaped or elongated, almost serpentine with dense bark and spongy pulp.
The fruits are used mainly for decorative purposes and in floristry. Due to the spectacular appearance of the plant itself, lagenaria is widely used for vertical gardening.
Seeds are sown for seedlings at the end of April (preliminary soaking is recommended). The optimum soil temperature for seed germination is + 25 + 30 ° С.
Young plants are planted outdoors in June, when the threat of frost has passed.

Pudelkõrvitsad rippuvad

Eng.: Bottle gourd. Suom.: Pullokurpitsa, Kalebassi. Sven.: Ätlig Kalebass, Kalebasspumpa. Bot. syn.: Cucumis bicirrha Forster ex Guillemin, Cucumis lagenarius., Cucumis mairei H.Lev., Cucurbita lagenaria L., Cucurbita leucantha Duchesne, Cucurbita longa hort., Cucurbita siceraria Molina, Lagenaria leucantha Rusby, Lagenaria vulgaris Ser.

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