Brassica oleracea L. convar. oleracea var. gemmifera
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Brussels sprouts "Red".
She will surprise and delight with the abundance and quality of purple-red cabbages!
The variety is frost-resistant, medium-late (100-110 days from germination to ripening). One plant forms 30-45 rounded, dense sprouts, up to 15 g each. The taste is magnificent, delicate and spicy, reminiscent of the taste of a walnut. During processing and freezing, taste qualities are not lost.
Brussels sprouts need more phosphorus and magnesium, which improves the set and firmness of the heads, but requires less nitrogen. Sowing for seedlings is carried out in the second half of March. Seedlings are ready for planting 35-40 days after germination. Seedlings need to be hardened and fed. For top dressing, complex fertilizer is used. Planting seedlings at the end of April according to the scheme 50x60 cm. Further care consists in watering, hilling, weeding and loosening.
During the growing season, 2 top dressings are carried out - the first 10 days after transplanting the seedlings, the second - 10 days after the first. For better formation of heads of cabbage, the top of the plants is removed 2-3 weeks before harvesting.
The crop is harvested selectively, cutting heads of cabbage as needed.

Eng.: Brussels Sprouts. Suom.: Ruusukaali, brysselinkaali. Sven.: Brysselkål. Bot.: Brassica oleracea L. convar. oleracea var. gemmifera

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